Value Added Tax (VAT) is the one tax that pays back. If you are looking to recover VAT you have paid in any of the VAT refunding countries on a business trip, or in some cases, with other business expenditure, you are on the right page.

Universal VAT Services (UVS), is a US President’s “E” Award winning company that specializes in VAT refunds related to Business Travel and more. We provide turn-key VAT recovery solutions to business entities large or small, and universities conducting Study Abroad programs.

Using our services to recover refundable VAT helps business entities make substantial savings on their Travel and Expenditure budgets. At UVS, we believe we have the expertise to resolve every VAT refund challenge.

Who refunds what?
If you wish to go straight to the heart of the matter and review your potential of savings through VAT refunds, you will want to know who funds what. Here is a short-cut to a list of frequently visited countries and the many different VAT rates applicable. We will also show you a matrix of the most popular refunds we handle.More
What are the requirments?
UVS needs VAT invoices to process refunds. Different countries can have varying requirements when it comes to documents that need to be submitted with a VAT refund application. UVS eliminates the hassles of the process by guiding clients on requirements according to the refund countries involved. More
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Going the extra mile

At UVS, we believe in pulling out all the stops. Besides recovering VAT related to business travel, we strive to recover all VAT that is refundable, be it VAT on an Accounts Payable invoice or incorrectly charged tax. Helping us deal with a range of situations is our global team of VAT experts whose in-depth knowledge of tax laws in various countries brings considerable muscle to the often complex process of VAT recovery. There’s more. UVS can also handle your VAT registration in relevant countries and file your regular VAT returns as may be required by local VAT regulations.

Cost of service

With UVS, you’re in good hands. We offer our services on a contingency fee basis – you pay us only upon successful recovery of VAT.

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