Corporate entities form the largest segment of UVS clientele in terms of VAT refund volumes. These companies are located not only in the USA but all over the world, including Europe, Asia, the Far East and Latin America. They range in size from major multinationals to medium sized companies.


UVS has on its client list, several US universities ranging from Ivy League institutions to major state universities across USA. It is widely known today that many educational institutions have become ineligible for VAT refunds due to several changes in European VAT laws. UVS, however, continues to help universities obtain VAT refund on Study Abroad programs and other related university activities.


It’s not only large corporates who benefit from VAT recovery. Small and medium enterprises should also consider recovering their VAT. UVS is happy to look at any company’s VAT invoices that total up to about $10,000 in VAT value. Even if a company does not have such volumes of VAT expenditure in Europe, but has the potential for growth when it comes to Business Travel, UVS will work with them to recover their refundable VAT. Small businesses have recovered thousands of dollars in VAT refunds, utilizing UVS know-how.


Participating in major Art fairs in Europe every year, Art Galleries are important suppliers to Art collectors, Corporations and Museums. Participation in such events often attract larger amounts of VAT resulting from utilization of exhibition space, the building of stands, display features, transportation of art, insurance and more. There’s also VAT on hotel expenditure incurred during these events. UVS has among its clientele several Art Galleries not only in the USA, but in Europe and Asia – even as far away as Japan. UVS looks forward to working with more Art Galleries, wherever in the world they may be located.

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