VAT Recovery Information

The Refund Process

Clients provide UVS with their original VAT invoices set aside for refund. In most cases, they are sent directly to UVS Head Office in Atlanta, Georgia. In cases of high volumes of VAT invoices where a client needs assistance, UVS arranges for onsite collection. Documents collected could also include travel expense reports, tax ID information, letters of authority or signed claim forms where applicable. The initial vetting of the invoices for compliance is conducted in the UVS Atlanta office. Once that is done, all compliant invoices are sent to UVS India by courier service where the back-office processes commence. These include the second vetting of invoices, and other claim refund application related activity. Submission batches are then prepared on the basis of client accounts and relevant countries. Once ready, the invoices are sent off again by courier services, to the respective VAT Authorities in Europe or other countries as the case may be, for the processing of VAT refunds. UVS India also, at that stage, uploads all the submission data on to the UVS online reporting system.

Invoice compliance

UVS thoroughly vets every invoice that comes into its office for VAT refund regulation compliance. Now and then, we do receive invoices that are not compliant with refund regulations. UVS doesn’t simply reject these. Frequently we take on the job of liaising with the supplier to correct the invoice. Often, suppliers from some countries are most comfortable speaking in their native language. This is where UVS Invoice Doctors step in and take charge. They are individuals based in different countries who speak the local language. When the invoices have been made compliant to the country’s regulations, they are sent to the UVS Back Office to continue with the process of VAT recovery. This close engagement with compliance accounts for our high level of success with VAT recovery.


Onsite Invoice Evaluation Team in Client Office in Switzerland

Picture: Our Onsite VAT Refund Invoice Evaluation Team in Switzerland.

Client Refund Checks

VAT refunds from various VAT authorities are credited into a UVS bank account. When UVS is advised of a refund, arrangements are made to transfer amounts that are due to a client, either by check, or through bank transfers. Such action is completed within seven days of receipt of the refund. UVS will deduct the agreed fee for the service before sending out the refund. Detailed statements related to the refunds are always sent to clients along with a refund. Prior to sending out the refunds, the UVS Back Office will also update the UVS online reporting system as appropriate.

Fee Structure

UVS operates on a Contingency Fee basis; that means that there is no upfront cost to clients. UVS earns its mutually agreed fees on successful VAT refunds only. The amount retained by UVS is based on the volume of refundable VAT and levels of service